Dunedin Farmer's Market

Located in the carpark of the spectacular Dunedin Railway Station, the Dunedin Farmer's Market is a "must do" for food lovers visiting Dunedin.

Go early!  That is tip #1 for any visitor heading to the Dunedin Farmer's Market.  Officially called the Otago Farmer's Market because the heavenly fresh produce comes from all around the district,  this event is held every Saturday morning from early until about noon. 

Tip #2 is to skip breakfast because there are so many tempting treats to choose from that you will need an empty tummy to do it justice.

To find the market, go to the spectacular Dunedin Railway Station, just a few blocks from the central Octagon, where the market is held in the adjacent carpark.

At 9.30am there is still room to move, wander from stall to stall, sampling this and that, chat with the growers.  By 10.30 it's elbow to elbow - but still fun!  From whitebait patties to fried dumplings, fresh coffee to pinot noir wines, hand-made breads, muffins and cupcakes to fresh vegetables, exquisite cheeses, meats direct from the local farms and fish straight from the ocean.  It's all here but you'll need an exploratory circuit to absorb all the offerings first.  Then go around again and choose your favourites.  The colour and music all add to the sensory experience.

If you're staying in motel or apartment accommodation with cooking facilities a visit to the market offers the opportunity to stock up for a couple of days with fresh and unique food that is distinctively "New Zealand".  If you love food and wine, then take the time to chat with the growers and producers and get some handy preparation tips.  Take a knapsack with a frozen cooler pack to keep the goodies nice and fresh.

Ideally allow at least an hour, but longer is better.  Your taste buds will thank you for it.  And if that's not enough, well, it's just across the road from Cadbury World!

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