Flying over Lake Taupo

Air-adventures over beautiful Lake Taupo

Autumn is here and where has the time gone?

Autumn is a beautiful time in Taupo. I was pondering my next adventure, in which I wanted to really take advantage of this epic weather we’ve been having; a last, sunny, make-the-most-of-the-clear-skies adventure when I thought, why not go for a flight?

There is a reason birds are so smug (c’mon- they are!!) as I discovered when I started skydiving. The have the best view of EVERYTHING. There is nothing you can’t see from up there in the big blue ether and what better way to take in all our sights at once- the lake, the mountains, the crisp countryside, the pretty township, the mighty Waikato, our towering Mt Tauhara…. Need I go on?!

Well I will…. There are even choices, within choices, in this great Tauponian land of the free. You’ll need to pick your air-vehicle of choice: Floatplane? Airplane? Helicopter?

Floatplane. An airplane with water feet might not float your boat but it should. Get out of the ordinary with a rare but action packed adventure. Float planes are unique aircraft that float on water, allowing you to take off and land on lakes/ rivers. They are ideal for the more adventourous out there who are old-hat at airplanes and choppers. These grunty, powerful beasts let you take flight from the very waters of Lake Taupo, allowing you a beautiful view of the waters and the mountain and you get to frighten a few ducks along the way.

Airplane. If you prefer your wings to be solid and standardized then airplane adventures are for you. Great if there is a group on tour too, as you can generally fit more people in an aircraft (dependant upon what type you have of course). Steady, dependable and a lot more exciting than your commercial variety, airplane flights are a popular choice for bird-like adventurers who like a bit of bump and shake. Tthere are plenty of scenic flights to be enjoyed over Taupo.

Helicopter. My personal favourite, I always feel like a secret agent or royalty in a chopper (but that’s just me…), they have a beautifully smooth way of hovering just about anywhere and provide that little bit more excitement for an adventurous wanna-bird.  So many dials and little time.... it’s a real thrill when the prop starts up and whirrs you away over paradise.

So, to truly appreciate Taupo when there's snow glistening on the mountain peaks, see it like the birds do and take an air adventure. It’s hard to comprehend a lake the size of Taupo unless you see it from the air and hands up who wants to avoid the crowds? Don’t wander like a land lubber- soar like a bird!

Scenic flights are available year round and are particuarly spectacular in autumn and winter when the volcanoes of Tongariro National Park are blanketed in snow.

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