Getting the most out of Hot Water Beach

Located in Whitianga on the east coast of the Coromandel, the world-famous Hot Water Beach is one of New Zealand's most loved spots to relax and have fun.

Where else in the world can you grab a spade, dig your own personal Jacuzzi and relax in the natural hot mineral water that bubbles to the surface as waves lap the shore a few metres from the Pacific Ocean?
Forming part of the V-shaped Mercury Bay on the sun-kissed Coromandel Peninsula, Hot Water Beach is a quintessential kiwi slice of paradise making it a truly unforgettable experience for all who visit its shores.

The best of Hot Water Beach

The natural hot water that bubbles beneath the surface of Hot Water Beach comes from two underground reservoirs of volcanic heated water that filter to the surface where Hot Water Beach meets the Pacific Ocean.
This geological wonderland is accessible by walking through a small stream and can be experienced one to two hours either side of low tide.

A beach towel and swimming costume are needed if you wish to enjoy your own specially created spa pool – as is a spade for digging your customised hot-water hole. Spades can either be taken to the beach or hired at one of the local cafes.

With the underground water temperatures known to reach a maximum of 64°C (147°F) a spot close to the water’s edge is the perfect place to dig, giving the option of having cooler water from the ocean mix with the hot water from below.

Experiencing the Coromandel

Not far from Hot Water Beach is another iconic place of beauty. With stretches of white sand and limestone outcrops expertly created by the hands of nature, Cathedral Cove is so picture perfect it was once used to depict the ethereal land of Narnia.

Accessible by foot, boat or kayak Cathedral Cove is a New Zealand marine reserve that comes to life beneath the clear blue waters. If you want to say hello to some of these unique underwater inhabitants you can do so with a trip on a glass bottom boat.

The sheltered nature of Cathedral Cove also makes it the perfect place another New Zealand must-do – a feast of fresh fish and hot chips.

Visit Hot Water Beach with MoaTrek

MoaTrek offer perfectly crafted small tours of New Zealand and a visit to Hot Water Beach is included in many of our tours.  Other Coromandel highlights include an optional visit to Cathedral Cove and the beautiful Hahei Beach.
MoaTrek pride ourselves on making sure you have the best possible vacation experience. For more information on MoaTrek’s tours visit our website or contact us directly here.