Getting to Know the Real Coromandel

Coromandel Adventures promises you'll “experience the real Coromandel” and it doesn’t disappoint. What is this real (and spectacular) experience all about?

Whether you see yourself walking along the top of towering sea cliffs, getting to know ancient trees or clicking breathtaking photos while someone else does the driving, The Coromandel is just waiting to be experienced. So what does the real Coromandel experience include?


Immersing yourself in spectacular scenery. The Coromandel’s concentration of rugged coasts, lush forests and rolling hills is unlike anything in the world. As the sun moves from one side of the peninsula to the other, the changing light constantly transforms this one-of-a-kind landscape. Coromandel Adventures transports you safely around the peninsula’s remote corners, with guides who bring an experienced eye to the quest for memorable views and perfect photos.


Getting to know the people who have shaped the place. From the Maori leader whose bravery saved his community more than a hundred years ago to the farmer you might meet along the road today, remarkable people have defined The Coromandel. With decades of experience as part of The Coromandel’s communities, guides Willie and Sarnie share the powerful personal stories of the people who have made this region what it is today.


Finding yourself on a first-name basis with giant rocks, amazing birds and lovely trees. Which native New Zealand birds mate for life and raise their young next to the sea? Which delicate flower is used today to help heal wounds? How was the granite in these cliffs formed? Willie and Sarni offer a close look at the natural world of The Coromandel, revealing a fascinating wealth of facts that give even greater depth to the region’s beauty.


Coromandel Adventures offers tours to some of The Coromandel’s best-known beaches and most spectacular hidden gems, with opportunities to customize the experience based on your interests.

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