Hokitika History and Heritage

Timber, gold rushes and the busiest port in NZ has given Hokitika a colourful past. Watch a video here about Hokitika's history and heritage.

To say Hokitika has had a colourful past is a bit of an understatement. At the height of the gold rushes in the 1860’s it boasted 102 hotels. Throw in three opera houses and a whole lot of gold miners and it must have been a rip-roaring town.

It’s not hard to get a feel for how life used to be in Hokitika. A self-guided heritage walk takes in the most memorable historic sites or you can go high tech and use augmented reality to view old images on your mobile phone. Another option is take a guided tour with one of the Coast’s interesting historical characters around Hokitika’s heritage hot spots.

To learn more about Hokitika's history and heritage, visit here or watch the video. 


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