How to find the best hiking tour in New Zealand

Use our easy guide to compare New Zealand hiking tours and find the one that suits you best.

Finding the best hiking tour in an adventure travel mecca like New Zealand is not an easy task and very subjective. What is 'best' for you will be different for someone else.  As long time hikers, we've got a good idea of all of the different aspects of a trip that makes a New Zealand hiking tour an incredible experience, so have come up with this handy guide for you to assess different tours and find the best one for you.

Have a read through what we believe are the most important aspects of a New Zealand hiking trip before using our check list to compare the different tours that are out there against each other.

Hikes / Walks included in the itinerary
If you're looking for a walking / hiking based trip then this is really important.  We'll help you assess things like which trails you walk, whether you have a guide with you all the time or you walk independently and how fit you have to be.

Other adventure activities included
Would you like to focus solely on walking / hiking or are you interested in some other adventure activities too?  Do you have to pay extra for these activities or are they included?  Do you have a professional guide with you or are you looking after yourself?  Does your tour include everything you really want to do and give you some free time to do anything extra if you want to?

Guide Ratio / Group Size
How many people in your group and how many guides?  Do you prefer small group travel with ready access to your guides or are you happy to be amongst a crowd?

Standard of accommodation
Some tours stay in 5 star accommodation, some stay in 4 star accommodation, some stay in motels or holiday houses.  If you're spending the night in the outdoors do you want to be sharing a public hut, eating out of a can and sleeping with 20 others or would you prefer exclusive access to a private lodge, with fantastic service, cuisine, private rooms and hot showers?  There's lots of choice out there and this is very important for your overall enjoyment.

How many  and what kind of meals are included in the tour?  What is the standard of meals?  On some tours guides and even guests will cook meals, on others you're dining at the best restaurants in town.  What extra food (like hiking snacks and water) do you have to buy, or are they provided for you?

Is the tour price you see 'all inclusive' or are there hidden extras like sales taxes, national park entry fees or any other charges?  Does it represent the value you are looking for, in comparison to your other tour options.


Download and print our 'How to find the best New Zealand hiking tour' checklist now

We hope you will find this checklist helpful to assess and select the best tour for your upcoming New Zealand travel.  We're New Zealand Trails, we operate small group New Zealand guided walking tours with 13 and 11 day options departing Christchurch.  We're hiking on the best tracks in New Zealand and included in your tour are once-in-a-lifetime adventure outdoor activities.  You will love all the comforts of home with four star accommodation and enjoy the company likeminded travellers while sampling fantastic New Zealand food and wine.  If this trip sounds like you then please read all about the tour here or contact us now.


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