Experience Maori culture in Rotorua

Rotorua is home to the most enriching and authentic traditional Maori culture.

Rotorua is the Heartland of Maori culture and the spirit and heritage of local Maori enriches the region as surely as the geothermal activity enlivens it.

The hospitality and generosity of the Te Arawa people (local Maori tribe) goes right back to early European visits when the tribe became the very first guides to the magnificent geothermal wonders of their homeland. This warm and welcoming attitude is alive in the local people today and Rotorua as a tourist destination rich with history and tradition.

There are ample opportunities to witness the deeply moving expressions of Maori Culture in Rotorua.

For 50 years The New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute has been home to students from tribes across New Zealand to learn time-honoured traditions Wood, Stone and Bone Carving, Flax Weaving and Waka Building that are in danger of being lost forever. The school is now more commonly known as Te Puia, and is a holistic attraction home to erupting geysers, Kiwis and a deep insight on to Maori Culture.

Rotorua is also home to the best authentic traditional Maori experiences. These typically include traditional welcoming, Maori art forms, ancient rituals and traditions, experience thrilling song and dance, and then share in a 3 course meal with your Maori hosts.

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