Mountain biking the Great Lake Trail

A mountain bike ride from Waihaha down to the shores of Lake Taupo where we transferred back to Kinloch by boat.

After a relaxed 60 min drive from Taupo we pulled over into the car park beside the Waihaha River.

The Bike Taupo shelter was home to an informative display on the rides so we had a reasonable idea of what we were in for. A quick toilet stop and we were on our way, breaking away from the surrounding farmland we passed through wetlands and bush as we progressed down the trail. 

After a good climb we were rewarded with impressive views of the Waihaha waterfall. Carrying on and rejoining the farmland boundary we arrived at the junction of the two trails.  Now the terrain got rockier and after about 4 kilometres we arrived at a lookout perched high on a cliff giving us expansive view of the lake.

Further on we passed the mysterious “Echo Cliff” where you can hear a small creek but you can’t see it. Then on our final descent we travelled over a number bridges and platforms past a nice little waterfall to finally emerge on a sandy beach where our Bay2Bay shuttle was waiting for us, half an hour later we were back in Kinloch.

Awesome day!

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