Piha Valley Track

Tramping Track that follows the Piha stream up into the Piha Gorge.

From carpark at end of Glen Esk Road, easy, level track follows bank of Piha Stream past McKenzie Track junction to a fork (30 minutes): left hand branch leads upstream into the lower end of the Piha Gorge while main track makes a steep ascent with steps to Centennial Track, a short distance above Black Rock Dam.

What to expect:


Tramping tracks will:

consist of formed and drained surfaces.
be signposted at track entrances and key junctions.

Tramping tracks may:

have structures in permanent wet areas but waterways will not generally be bridged.

Tramping tracks may also have limited track information, and steep grades.

Suitable for people of reasonable fitness and experience.


Distance: 2.2 km           Time:1.5 hours               Wheelchair access:No           Pram access:No


How to get to Piha
Head along the north-western motorway. Get off at Lincoln Rd. At the end of Lincoln Rd turn into Great North Rd. At first set of lights turn right into Henderson Valley Rd. At roundabout take Forest Hill Rd and drive to end. Turn right into West Coast rd. At end of West Coast Rd turn right into Scenic Drive. Take Piha Rd at junction 200M on. Stay on Piha Rd and it ends at Piha Beach.