Pro Bike Rider skydives over Queenstown with BMX Bike

During the 2015 Queenstown Mountain Bike Festival NZONE Skydive challenged a Pro Bike Rider to skydive and land a BMX bike from 15,000ft.

During the March 2015 Queenstown Mountain Bike Festival, NZONE Skydive and festival organisers challenged a Pro Bike Rider and former Yugoslavian skydive champion to land a BMX bike after a 15,000ft skydive. 

Skydive champion Sasa Jojic and Pro Bike Rider Fabien Cousinie were a match made in adrenaline junkie heaven with the two quickly hitting it off.

After a planning session at the NZONE Skydive dropzone, Sasa and Fabien boarded the NZONE Skydive plane to start the ascent to 15,000ft.

When they reached altitude, with no hesitation they jumped out of the plane BMX bike and all.

As they came into land at the dropzone Fabien even managed a trick or two before landing and cycling away, like he hadn’t just dropped from 15,000ft in the air.

The pair successfully completed the stunt on the first attempt, making it the biggest jump of the festival!

Fabien was visiting Queenstown to participate in the Queenstown Mountain Bike Festival, an event which brings together mountain biking enthusiasts from around the world to compete in 25 different events over 10 days.

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