Shopping in Taupo a treat

This year I had a particularly smooth Christmas Shopping experience in Taupo’s town centre. Let me share with you some of my FAV shops...

Ho, Ho, Ho, Christmas is my favourite time of year!  Parties, holidays, yummy food and the best bit.... pressies!

For some reason I am always the one in my household who buys ALL the Christmas pressies (including my own!).  “But you love it” says hubby and he’s right, I do.  And this year I had a particularly smooth Christmas Shopping experience in Taupo’s town centre. Let me share with you some of my FAV shops...

It is Sunday morning 10am – Town Centre Taupo here we come (myself and 2 month old baby in her Phil and Teds buggy –  def leaving toddler at home with Dad)!

Now have you been to Verge on Tongariro Street, opp SuperLoo? This was my first stop and I always, ALWAYS find great pressies in here and they do a fabulous job of wrapping them too!

The only problem with this store is I always find something that I have to have too!  Have found a great set of NZ designer earrings for my sister who is living in the UK and a cute jewellery tree that my best mate had said she needed.

That’s ticked off and it’s only 10 past 10, baby still asleep in the pram – so far so good. Next stop Addiction, Heu Heu Street – a friendly, trendy salesperson helps me choose an ultra cool shirt for my brother that apparently all the metro guys are buying (and that I would never have picked myself). 

That’s another pressie in the bag and I’ve spotted a cute dress for myself... might just see if there is any money left and come back!

Now I am across the road to the Complete Outdoor Garden.  First time in here and again a lovely sales lady helps me choose the perfect gift for Mum and Dad’s new garden - to give it a bit of character.

Two owls perched on a branch to stake into their garden.  Wrapped and ready to go.

So I am doing well but it is now time for a coffee. Don’t want to lose momentum so walk past Streetwise and grab a Flat White.  Love those guys!

Next stop The Toy Centre in Horomatangi Street.  You can’t beat the service you get in this store.  Just tell them the kids age and your budget and they provide a range of ideas for that age. I love it! 

And the best thing about this shop is the toys are educational too. So I picked a magnetic doll and clothes set for my toddler (which is pretty cool I’ve got to say) a fabulous teddy that makes all sorts of noises for my baby girl.

Now to pop across to Briscoes on Gascoigne Street for some photo frames – always some great discounts in here.  Will get some photo’s printed at Smilez (Heu Heu Street) of the kids to include and that’s Nana, Great Granny and the In-law’s sorted. 

Across the road to Hunting and Fishing for Hubby.... peek into the pram, baby still sleeping – yes!

Back along Tongariro Street, quickly popped into new Bendon Outlet store - some great specials in here.  Mental note, will have to come back here.  Next stop NZ Corner for a NZ tee for Brother-in-Law also living in UK.  So many cute kiwiana-themed pressies in this shop.  

90% of Christmas shopping done in one morning, angel baby has slept through it all, have been impressed with customer service and I’m not stressed out! 

Now, do I have time to pop into my favourite shop - Hi Fashion (Heu Heu Street).  After all, it’s important to look and feel great on Christmas Day isn’t it girls?!

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