Skydiving in the adrenaline capital of the world

One of the most amazing experiences of my life.

A visit to the adrenaline capital of the world is not complete until you jump out of a plane from 15,000ft. Skydiving in Queenstown offers spectacular views of Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables mountain range and there is no better way than to check out the stunning scenery from above. The customer service at NZONE is exceptional, they make you feel safe and comfortable and really prepare you for what's to come. 

The whole experience is exciting, I started getting pumped the minute I boarded the airplane. It took 10-15 minutes to get up to jump altitude and my heart started pounding as the door opened and strong winds filled the cabin. My instructor cautiously manoeuvred us into the doorway until my feet hung over and then in a single moment I leapt into the sky. When you begin to accelerate you can reach terminal velocity of up to 200km/h and can last for up to 60 seconds. After the chute deploys the instructor controls the glide down to the landing area and that’s when the experience starts to sink in. 

Describing the experience is simple but the truth is there is no way to explain what it feels like to skydive, but it is one of the most liberating things you can do. I instantly became addicted to that feeling and wanted to jump again straight after.Getting out of your comfort zone is what life is all about so you must experience it for yourself and add it to your ultimate bucket list.