Taupo Bungy

One of the most thrilling things I have ever done - jumping of a platform with just a rope to save me.

This morning I was picked up by Sonya from Taupo Bungy who took me to the 47m high cliff from which I was supposed to jump. The whole area made me feel very relaxed, there were bean bags under a MARKISE where you could hang out waiting for your jump or watch the others jumping. There was also a little café where I didn’t buy anything, at least not before my jump, I was too afraid that it might come back up. I walked into the office where I had to step on a scale so they could adjust everything in the right way for me. I also had to fill out the typical form before I got a little time to have a look around. I took my last chance to go to the toilet and after a couple minutes, my name was called out and I received a card with my name and weight, my ticket to the free fall. Before I could do the actual bungyjump I tried the cliffhanger, which is a kind of swing. I got a harness, a gopro camera on my leg and had to sit down. I was moved over the edge on a crane. While I was hanging there, the girl from the staff told me to look into certain directions so the installed cameras could take pictures of me. While I was looking behind me she loosened the rope so I fell down, screaming. I was so glad a saw a little boy doing the cliffhanger before so I knew a bit better what I had to expect. When I first had a look at the cliffhanger I got the impression that it really is a swing, without any free fall, the little boy told me that was what he thought as well. Poor guy.

The cliffhanger can also be used by two people at the same time. Two other German girls did that and were screaming with might and main. However, they told me it was an amazing experience and they were glad they shared it.

I really enjoyed the cliffhanger, especially the swinging at the end because I had a wonderful view of the birds nesting in little holes in the cliff and the water under me was crystal clear. When I got back on my feet my legs were shaking a little but I had not much time to calm down because I already got my ticket for the Bungy jump.

I waited in line and got a little sunburned, which is a proof of the fact that the weather was perfect for my jump. I was so happy to see the sun after the rainy week in Auckland.

The guys in front of me were all very brave and just jumped. I thought there would be more people struggling like one boy, who stood at the edge and just couldn’t jump. The staff girl did the countdown several times but he was too scared. Finally, he decided that he really wants to jump o she gave him a little push. I bet he was more than glad that he did it.

When it was my turn I was sunburned and nervous as hell. I sat down at the bench and my feet were connected to the rope. The harness felt really loose so I asked if it was supposed to be like that. It wasn’t. I got a smaller harness. The rope at my feet was really heavy and when I stood at the edge it almost felt like it was pulling me down. I had to take a last look at the camera above me, put my chin on my chest, hold up my arms like I was doing a header and then 3, 2, 1- jump. I can’t remember if I screamed I just remember how I bounced back up and started spinning. My head felt like it was about to explode. I was so glad when the guys down in the boat handed me a stick to hold onto. They pulled me down and told me: Look up to your feet and check if they are still there. I didn’t understand anything, blood was pumping through my head. He said it again and of course, my feet were still there. A second later I was already lying on the warm boat. “It’s really hot down here.” I said. “You Germans are funny, just did a bungy jump and already flirting again.” The guy at the boat answered. “No, I don’t mean that, ah, you know what I mean.” I still couldn’t really think straight. However, I noticed afterwards that he was obviously joking. I have no idea what the bungy operators thought when they decided that the jumpers have to walk back up. My legs were shaking, I was totally exhausted. The walkway was nice, though. When I finally made it back up I felt really proud of myself and like I earned an ice cream. I bought the typical New Zealand Hokey Pokey which I enjoyed while waiting for my pictures and videos. After a couple minutes they were ready and I watched myself jumping off the platform without showing any fear. I look so brave. At the beginning of the video however, you see that I actually was really nervous, especially when I had to wait on the platform.

You can buy your pictures and videos, take them home with you and show all your friends how brave you are. Moreover you can get a tee and picture combo. Even if you don’t want to buy anything you still get a certificate that you survived the jump;) This is also a coupon for a second jump or wing, so you can get it for only 70 dollars.

I got back my belongings and were dropped off by the bright orange Taupo Bungy van which stopped directly in front of my hostel. The good feeling and the bright smile stayed till the end of the day and when I think of the jump I directly feel happy again.