Taupo Fly Fishing Guides - How to Choose One

Taupo is one of the best fly fishing locations in the world. These tips will help you assess fishing guides and choose one right for your dream adventure.

Taupo has some of the most exciting and diverse fly fishing in the world.  We have rivers and streams along with big and small lakes and even canals to fish for wild Brown and Rainbow trout of epic proportions.  Within an hour and half in any direction we have differing watersheds so that even in bad weather we always have options that are fishable.  If you are planning a dream fishing adventure to the Taupo region, here are some questions to consider when assessing Taupo fly fishing guides:

  1. How experienced are they?  This goes without saying but there is a difference between someone who is a fairly good angler, and someone who is actually an experienced or trained fishing guide or fly casting instructor.  Checking client references is a good way of assessing the ability and professionalism of a potential guide.  Guiding is not just about catching a trout, its about understanding the needs and wants of individual clients and delivering the total experience. 
  2. What sort of fishing do you want to do? Its important to know what you want to experience.  Most Taupo fly fishing guides offer two core offerings: winter fishing on rivers such as the Tongariro, and a backcountry summer option.  These are both alot of fun, but there is much more to our region.  We have stillwater fly fishing for monster trout, bush-bashing to remote creeks for amazing sight-fishing, canal fishing from boats, Czech nymphing on gin-clear spring creeks and much more.  Its important to check a guide can give you all the options you want, especially if this is a one-off trip!
  3. How long will your fishing day be?  This is important to check as some guides will quote a price for a day but this may be an 8.30 pickup and 5pm drop-off and if you include travel time you may only get a few hours fishing.
  4. What is included?  Some guides expect you to buy your own licences, which could be than 4100 if you are fishing a number of days in different catchments, whereas other guides include all costs in the quote.
  5. What is the cancellation policy?  If something unforeseen happens does the company have a clear and standard policy?

These are a few simple checks to help you choose a fly fishing guide that is right for you.  With luck you will have the time of your life and enjoy fishing in the Taupo region as much as we do.

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