The Journey as good as the Destination

When the journey is as spectacular as the destination, Milford Sound Road leaves you in awe of its inspiring scenery as you make your way to Milford Sound.

We all have heard the saying ‘it is not just about the destination but about the journey’. We here at Milford Sound Select are the blessed souls who have our own version of this saying. We say ‘it is about the journey and about the destination’. Why do we say this? We say this because the road to Milford Sound is one of the most dramatic drives you will ever take and the destination i.e. Milford Sound is absolutely breath taking.

The drive begins in Queenstown along the beautiful shores of Lake Wakatipu with the morning sunlight touching the mountain peaks on the yonder. Travel through fresh golden tussock and farm land before you reach Lake Te Anau. After a quick breakfast break the scenery begins to change.

The Milford Sound Select coach leaves Te Anau and heads into Fiordland National Park – A World Heritage Site & Largest National Park of New Zealand. Your lovely driver/guide pulls in for your first stop Eglinton Valley.  
Eglinton Valley encompasses a wide floor with steep glaciated mountains towering on its sides. The Eglinton River makes its way through here. The valley is about 2kms wide. This is amongst the very few valleys accessed by road and the views at this stop are over whelming & picturesque. Once covered in a thick ice sheet, the floor is now covered with golden tussock. The driver then takes you to your next stop not very far up the road, this is The Mirror Lakes.

Mirror Lakes are small lakes on the side of the road. An easy 10 minute board walk brings you to one of the most photographic locations on this road. Your Instagram account will love this spot! Earl Mountains are looking at their own reflections in these waters on a still weather day. Get that perfect shot and let’s carry on to our next stop.
Knobs Flat is a toilet break welcomed by all. There are information panels showcasing the history of the road and flora & fauna of the region. Did we mention there is no cell phone reception this deep in Fiordland’s Wilderness? Knobs Flat has a card only pay phone if required.

It is a long journey and you must be thirsty? Monkey Creek is flowing with pristine water. Take a sip to quench your thirst & fill up your water bottle. Legend has it you become years younger after drinking from the creek (if you believe in legends)! This is also the perfect opportunity to meet a Kea. Keas are the highest alpine parrots in the world and are quite the character. Our only request – please do not feed the Kea’s any human food.

The coach driver will now take you through Homer Tunnel. This amazing feature took 20 years to be completed and begins your descend down to Milford Sound from 975 meters above sea level. As you are getting closer to Milford Sound we take one last stop at The Chasm.

The Chasm is a 15 minute loop walk. It is a refreshing walk through temperate rain forest. The Cleddau River carves some splendid rock chasms and waterfalls as it runs through this region.

Next stop – MILFORD SOUND!