The rise of New Zealand's luxury ecotourism

Luxury and eco have traditionally been at the opposite ends of the tourism spectrum. The rise of luxury eco-tourism finds a balance between green and greed

A Different Kind of Luxury

Traditionally, luxury travel has been at the expense of the environment.

Visitors are now demanding that they stay and play in places which not only give them the luxuries and personal experiences they demand, but also respect and give something back to the local environment.

Luxury eco-lodges like The Resurgence ( near the Abel Tasman in the Nelson area are becoming increasingly popular.  The owners, Peter Adams and Clare de Carteret-Bisson, tread the fine line between providing the very best for their guests and protecting the beautiful envoronment around the lodge.   "We plant a native tree for every guest - and encourage the local bird life through an extensive predator control program" says Peter.  Their success has been recently recognised by the prestigous National Geographic Traveler magazine who named them “one of the world's best eco lodges”.

Luxury for eco-tourists can mean more than amenities, accommodation types, or access to creature comforts. Eco-luxury can be simple and unique experiences; nature-based with cultural tourism that add to the pleasure of traveling without negatively impacting the environment.

Driftwood eco-tours ( in Marlborough offer exactly that.  Will Parsons, who runs Driftwood Eco-tours, is brimming with local knowledge. His family has farmed in Marlborough for four generations and he is passionate about the area and its birds and wildlife.  When he is not running tours he will be found restoring their QEII covenanted wetland.

A new and exciting concept. Green Journeys (, has brought together many of the top luxury accommodations and experiences around New Zealand,  "Green Journeys has a strong focus on the environment" says its owner, Meg Taylor.  "We carefully select companies which will give back more than they  take, so as to ensure a sustainable future."

So, a fad or the future?  With the increasing demand for this type of  travel and the growth of new markets like China and India, we believe that the only sustainable future for New Zealand is luxury ecotourism.

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