Tourists flocking to see leading NZ artist’s bush scenes

Tourists in Auckland have been flocking to see leading New Zealand artist Kirsty Nixon’s new native bush scenes.

Nixon has two of her new works public exhibited. One is one display at Art by the Sea Gallery in Devonport, Auckland, and a second one, a round painting, can be seen at The Poi Room in Newmarket, Auckland. Her other native bush works can be seen on Facebook or on her website

Tourists and overseas visitors have been drawn to her new series which promote much of what attracts people from around the world to New Zealand which is its 100 percent pure native bush.

``As New Zealand grows and develops we will lose more of these fabulous bushscapes. A lot of native bush is disappearing. The bush makes me feel nestled and safe,’’ Nixon says.

``This new series is different from my earlier beach landscapes. I am working on more, possibly larger individual pieces. They are very  labour intensive but something I am relishing. This series has predominantly cabbage trees as the hero but nikau and other foliage feature.

``From our house I look out onto a small lush bush area. Sometimes the light catches on the leaves of the cabbage trees and looks luminous. A native garden has always calmed me. Nikau palms and cabbage trees inspire me and I just love this distinctive New Zealand bush scenery.

``I am revelling in this new path. It’s like a I have a new kind of addiction.

``I just love cabbage trees. They are striking pieces of nature: sculptural and iconic. To me they just scream 'New Zealand!' I remember visiting Tauranga Bay up north and the whole road winding in had the most awesome crowd of cabbage trees, it just went on and on.

``I have often thought to leave them out in my paintings but have resigned myself to the fact that any of my paintings just don't look finished without one or more of them in it,’’ Nixon says. 

With such rapid development and changes taking place around New Zealand’s Nixon’s paintings are taking on greater provenance as a slice of history which is slowly eroding away.

Being such an outstanding artist, Nixon is able to bring the best of New Zealand’s native bush into office and homes through her paintings.

Nixon was born and educated in Auckland and has been painting seriously for more than 20 years. Her style, clear bright palette affirms her love of New Zealand scenery.

Her piece captures the intensity of colour and light of New Zealand native bush scenes.

Her appeal and recognition as one of New Zealand's foremost landscape artists has been celebrated nationally and internationally.

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