Two Little Boys - The Movie set in the Catlins

This story of two little boys who grow up and face the realities of adulthood set with the stunning Catlins as a backdrop to the Duncan Sarkies novel.

The Catlins with their stunning seascapes, rainforest and wild weather, form the backdrop for the latest Team Sarkies' hit movie The Two Little Boys

Using the Southern Scenic Route through the Catlins, the Two Little Boys weave a tale of personal discovery about their friendship that started in primary school in Invercargill and led them to holiday in the stunning Catlins.

I loved the story and the music score was outstanding! I just wished they had shown some of the magical rainforest in the movie. (But you can discover that for yourself.)

But a very well scripted and I thought really humorous (in a warped way) 'Kiwi' movie.

Maaka Pohatu was great in his character as the 'third wheel' Gav, and Hamish Blake, showed excellent comic timing with his 'best mate', Bret McKenzie. The well executed story showed the wild Catlins coast at its very finest.

I met the cast and crew who were really great people and we all had loads of fun when they stayed with us at our eco resort and Whistling Frog Cafe.. Unfortunately, the scene from the McLean Falls ended up on the cutting room floor!

Quite frankly, I didn't know how the premise for this movie was going to work? 

But 'wow' was I surprised!   It was excellent, five stars, Robert & Duncan Sarkies! I can see why it has shot to number one on the opening weekend! A big thumbs up to you all!

Well worth a trip to the movies and will certainly whet your appetite for your own voyage into the deep south'of New Zealand, where you can get up close and personal with the varied scenery and wildlife that the Two Little Boys loved so much.

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