Unforgettable Fishing & Jet Boating on the Waiau River

The mighty Waiau River on New Zealand's west coast is Southland's largest, and its world class fishing and scenery is best discovered by jet boat.

The Waiau River is wild at heart and a truly pure expression of the titanic natural forces that shape the west coast wilderness. Soaring mountains and endless valleys feed the upper reaches of the river, its relentless torrent winding through the edges of beautiful Fiordland National Park. Rainbow and brown trout populations thrive in the pristine water, making it the perfect place for beginners to have a go at the excitement of spin fishing. There’s enormous pleasure to be had in landing your first trout in this grand natural setting.  The fast-flowing river and rugged landscapes are best accessed by jet boat with an experienced local guide.

Miles of spectacular scenery

The Waiau River is an endlessly unfolding adventure into a wild, natural place that is barely touched by civilisation. For those wishing to venture up its winding path, thrills and amazing landscapes await, including filming locations from the Lord of the Rings. Between fishing stops, climb ashore at magical riverside stops or take a peek up the famous Kepler Track - one of New Zealand's Great Walks. Marvel at the Rainbow Reach Swing Bridge, an ambitious extension across the otherwise impassable flow of this untamed river. Jet boating up the Waiau River is a quintessentially New Zealand experience.

Thrills, exhilaration and absolute access

Our versatile, purpose-built jet boat gets you into places no other boat can ever go. It’s the perfect way to navigate the powerful waters of the Waiau. No other watercraft has the acceleration, cornering or shallow water abilities. It’s an exciting experience for those seeking an adrenaline rush combined with access to the world-class trout fishing of this area. Soar up the winding curves of the river and glide up rapids, firmly pressed into your seat and accelerating towards the magnificent angling that awaits.

Relaxed casting in a pristine environment

Join Fishjet and your experienced local guide and jet towards the hottest bite spots on the river. For fishing enthusiasts of all ages, casting a line into the enchanting waters of the Waiau is a sure-fire bet for catching the lively brown or rainbow trout that thrive here. Both adults and children alike can experience the magic of this dream fishing location. Along the way, you’ll yarn with your friendly kiwi guide and gain not only fishing tips, but an insight into the colourful cultural history and geography of this truly special, wild Southland waterway.

Both half and full day fishing experiences are available – find out more on our website, or contact us now. We’d love to share some fishing fun with you.

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