Wairarapa country retreat

Experience a weekend of luxury and home cooking at Gladstone's five star Summit Lodge.

We escaped from Wellington just over three years ago to Gladstone in the Wairarapa and now wake up to pure, fresh air, views of farmland and rolling hills and breakfasts of home toasted muesli and freshly baked bread!  At night we can see the milky way and stars shine brightly…..when the moon is out it can be magical with the garden illuminated by the blue-white light.  No orange street light glow here!  No noise either – apart from the odd sheep baa or cow moo or distant dog bark.  So peaceful and quiet! 

Guests who stay with us here at the Summit Lodge cannot believe how quiet it is – such a change from the city with the incessant traffic noise, rumble of trains, sirens and planes.
We now have time to make muesli and bread and jams.  No preservatives or additives just natural ingredients – and, boy, do they taste better!  This year we had a bumper crop of strawberries – at one stage we were picking over 30kg a week!  Such sweet, tasty fruit – what we couldn’t eat was transformed into jam to be enjoyed over winter.

Guests who choose to dine at the Summit Lodge get to experience true home cooking.  Seasonal veggies from the garden; lamb, beef or venison raised locally; fish from the Wairarapa coast…..BBQs in summer, tagines and casseroles over winter – slow cooked to ensure the meat melts in your mouth and the aromas fill the kitchen.  We are so fortunate here in the Wairarapa – the produce is amazing – so inspiring!

Imagine, on a cold winters’ night, the fire is roaring, the dining room rich with aromatic cooking smells, candles flicker, the table is set for six.  Local pinot noir is poured and savoured whilst lamb shanks in rich gravy is served over fluffy creamed potatoes.  Broccoli and carrots harvested that afternoon have been lightly cooked and invite tasting. Conversation is lively and diverse around the table – travel stories, shared music, golf stories and rugby – as well as cooking and crafts.  Then dessert – yum, sticky date pudding with decadent caramel sauce – who can resist?  Fabulous with a glass of local Syrah dessert wine!

And after dinner our guests retreat to the lounge in the guest to relax in front of the fire…..so, what are you waiting for?  This can be you.  Winter is fast approaching and you deserve a break.  Come and join us for dinner!  Let us know your favourite food and we will cook it for you.  If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, get together a group of friends and take over our guest wing - let us do the cooking while you celebrate!

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