Wairere Boulders - Nature Park

Enjoy a world unique and unusual basalt boulder formation on several shorter and longer routes. The tracks lead through NZ rainforest over 23 bridges

Enjoy a world unique boulder formation and do something for your body at the same time. The boulders in the Wairere valley show a surface erosion which only occurred in Northland of New Zealand. The basalt rocks are chemically leached out by acidity created by Kauri trees.

Normally Basalt does not erode but the boulders at Wairere are deeply scarred which stuns all geologists.

The shortest walk is 40 minutes. But routes can be hooked together to get a maximum walking time of 2 hours, which leads up to the lookout in the back of the valley.

There is an animal find for kids available that will keep them occupied and interested. But even adults like to do it.

The boulders are surrounded by subtropical rainforest and many trees are labeled in Maori and English.

You will enjoy a magnitude of native trees littered with a vivid birdlife. The tracks lead over 24 wooden structures (bridges, ramps, stairs) through little caves, over, between and under the rocks.

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