West Coast Hunting and Fishing

Amongst the peace and solitude of the West Coast's remote areas are some of New Zealand's best spots for hunting and fishing.

Well known for its adventure tourism and natural wonders, the West coast of New Zealand is a popular tourist destination for travellers all around the world. On top of this, the region also offers some of the best spots in the country for anglers and hunters who are looking for the perfect sporting ground.

The West Coast’s Fish and Game region runs from Kahurangi point to Awarua point with approximately 2 million hectares between these points. Much of this area is wilderness and is home to a wide range of game as well as spectacular scenery that can be enjoyed at the same time.


Oceans, lakes and rivers on the West Coast provide some great fishing spots all year round. Many anglers maintain that the Coast provides more of a challenge than the country’s more populated areas.

The rivers around Reefton are some of the most popular for fly fishing and Lake Brunner and its surrounding rivers produce some of the best brown trout fishing in the South Island. The most popular angling water in the region, Lake Brunner is home to brown trout which average a weight of 1.1 kgs.


Spring in the West Coast also means the start of whitebait season. At this time whitebait starts to make its way up stream from the sea and whitebaiters from near and far make their way to the region’s rivers and streams for one of the most popular fishing times of the year.

Catching and eating whitebait is a tradition on the West Coast and is an expensive delicacy throughout the country. The region celebrates this with their yearly Whitebait Festival which enjoys the West Coast’s whitebait and wildfoods.


Hunting on the West Coast includes an enormous range of animals to suit even the most seasoned of hunters. The area’s Department of Conservation team can help with permits as well as information such as the best spots for big game hunting. With Tahr, deer, pigs, goats and a variety of gamebirds inhabiting the area, hunters find themselves in their element in this remote area of the world.

Much of the regions big game can be hunted year round on the West Coast and many of the best places to do this are in the untracked wilderness. Helicopter access provides some of the best opportunity to enjoy these spots so you are not limited to what you can reach by vehicle or foot.

Whether you are looking for the challenge of hunting and fishing on the coast or hoping to enjoy the serenity and solitude that the area has to offer, the West Coast is the perfect destination. Book yourself some accommodation on the West Coast and experience the best of the regions hunting and fishing.

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