Escape to paradise in half an hour

Waiheke Island, Auckland

A refreshing 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland’s CBD will land you on Waiheke Island. As you step off the boat, take a deep breath of sea-scented air and feel the relaxation roll in. This is a place to reconnect with nature, recharge your energy levels and create some amazing memories.

Waiheke’s magical blend of beach life, wine culture, artisan creativity and quirky activities sets the scene for every kind of enjoyment. Bring a torch to explore the WWII tunnels of Stony Batter, zoom over native forest on a massive flying fox, taste local delicacies at the Ostend Market or explore the island’s vineyards on a wine tour.

Waiheke Island, Auckland

By Alistair Guthrie

Wander through vineyards and sip the wine to indulge your senses on the 'Island of Vines'.

Between adventures you can slip into the casual Waiheke way of life. Spread a towel on the beach or find a deck chair in the sun and take it slow. The island is famous for good coffee, fantastic food and exceptional wine. There’s a lot to savour.

The original name for Waiheke is Te Motu-arai-roa, which means ‘the long sheltering island’. I think our ancestors had it right. It is a sheltering island. It’s a rejuvenating island. It’s revitalising. It’s a place to rest and feel good.

Bianca Ranson Potiki Adventures - Director

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