Making work for your business helps grow your business by connecting travel sellers with consumers considering a visit to New Zealand by driving qualified traffic to your site, or directing consumers to call or email you for more information.

Step 1: Get your business on

  • List your business or check that your existing listing is in the new site and then update it. To do this go to
  • If you were registered on the old site with a business then this business has been copied across into the new site. You need to check that this has happened. If you haven’t looked at this for more than 18 months your listing may have expired.

If you have a listing then you will have an email address and a password. Enter it in the top black bar.


If you do not have a listing, please create one on the same page. To do this enter your details in the sign up now box.

Follow the instructions for every part of this process.

Step 2: Getting your listing correct

Getting your listing working effectively is crucial to driving referrals to your business, and  we are here to assist you.

Now you have a business setup on this will tell consumers where you are and what you do.  Once you have finished loading your information it will pass through an approval process before you will see it live. Please be patient.

If you had a previous listing that you have updated, don’t worry, the previous lisitng will remain on our website until your changes are approved.

Step 3: Locate your listing on

Enter your business name in the search box of the top of the site and it will appear in the search. If it doesn’t or you can’t find it then contact us by calling +64 9 914 4780 or email us here(opens in new window) is split into three main sections – Explore, Map, and Plan & Book. Your listing appears in the Plan & Book section of the website. In the picture below it is on the right hand side of the image.