Campervan hire in New Zealand: A guide to extra charges

Always read the fine print.

When I  search for campervans on the internet I get hundreds of options. Like most people I tend to go for the ones that give me the best options that suit my needs at the time.

Price  has a lot to do with it as well. These days most campervan companies have a instant quote service on their website or are on other  booking agencies' websites.

So if you key in the dates and the pick up and drop off points and the type of van you are looking for and for how long you can get a quote on the spot.

Most companies will then also offer you a insurance excess wavier option. You will also notice that in a lot of cases it may say in the small print extra charges may apply or something along those lines.

To give you a example of extra charges:

One of my clients was looking for a campervan for August this year in New Zealand and this is what he told me:

“I searched the web and came across many off season offers which was great - campervans from only $15 a day or $25 a day

Well I was thinking that is a great deal so I clicked on the link - a 2 berth camper for $15 a day.  But that rate was for bookings for over a month. So I then get a quote for just 7 days and that is great again, it was now only $25 a day. 

Then I look at the insurance excess waiver. The excess for the 2 berth is $3500 charged to the credit card. So I  take the option to reduce the insurance excess down to nil for $35 a day.on top of the hire.

So far the $15 a day deal is looking at about $60 a day but I guess for a seven day holiday that is not too bad at all.

But then I see the extras. The rate quoted did not include anything apart from the van  hire. 

First off there was a bedding pack - $100

Then GPS - $100

Our door furniture - $100

The gas bottle  hire for the cooker .They say cooker is included but they charge you for the gas bottle - I mean really ?

Then there is after hours pick up, airport transfer, charge for diesel road  tax and kms use over 100 kms  a day

So my $15 a day campervan was looking more like $80 to $100 a day which in itself is not such a bad deal to be honest and that is about what I would expect to be paying for a good quality reliable van."

As I had dealt with this guy in the past in the end he just contacted me to book a van which I managed to get him  for only $70 all inclusive and everything he needed.

Sometimes you are better off  with a company that will give you an all up cost up front rather then putting on all the add-ons as you go.

So this is something to consider next time you are looking for a quote for a campervan in New Zealand.