Experience the best of living in Nelson!

Ever wondered what it would be like to 'taste' the best of the local lifestyle... even just for a few days. Well you can...

Ever driven along a beautiful street, looked longingly at the wonderful homes and wondered what they would be like inside, wondered how good those views are and just how great it might be to wake up to life there! To really get to know the place you are visiting as a local might - a local, lucky enough to own and live in one of those houses!

Well you can... rent one of Nelson's best waterfront or central city homes... stay a week or two and wake up to life in one of the best places around! (see links below)

Ask anyone who has visited Nelson or anyone in New Zealand contemplating a move. At the mention of Nelson their glowing expression will tell all!

The regular title holder to the mantle of 'Sunniest region in New Zealand' and 'Seafood Capital of New Zealand', Nelson is well known as a spectacular natural playground blessed with some of the country's best beaches, forests, lakes and mountains. Long loved for its thriving arts scene, fresh horticultural and seafood produce, and more recently for its excellent craft breweries, wineries and award winning restaurants - it's a place you just have to experience, like a local, in a local home, in one of the best spots - allowing you to REALLY soak up the best of what this marvellous region has to offer!

Check out our short to long term rental properties at www.holidaynelson.co.nz or those of our coopetitors at www.nelsonholidayhouses.co.nz and www.jennyorchard.co.nz to find out more about booking one of 'those' houses: holiday home/vacation rental accommodation in Nelson!





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