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Holidays. Time to put your feet up and take it easy, right? Not necessarily, when you live in the thrill seekers’ capital of the world!

With so many adrenalin-soaked activities on your doorstep you’d be mad not to do something wild and exhilarating.

Down south you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to death-cheating pursuits. The area around Queenstown is a magnet for international travellers wanting to explore their crazy side.

Bungee jumping, jet boat riding, tandem paragliding and hang gliding – if it’s adventurous you can do it here. All of these activities come with guaranteed spectacular scenery though we suspect the view will be the last thing on your mind.

One particularly crazy activity in this neck of the woods is The World's Biggest Swing, which you’ll find next to the Nevis Bungy. If you enjoyed playing on the swings at school ... forget it, this bears no resemblance to that.

You’ll be surprised how fun it can feel to swing a mind-blowing 300m arc at speeds of up to 120kph, tied to the end of a 120m rope suspended 160m above the river bed below.

If that all sounds a bit boring, fear not. You can opt to do the Nevis Swing backwards, upside down or with a friend.

If Queenstown is the South Island’s adrenalin centre then the North Island’s equivalent would have to be Rotorua. The region boasts many of the usual suspects – jet boating, bungy jumping, sky diving and white water rafting. But it also has a couple of oddball options that are all its own.

Literally oddball. The Zorb is described as a cross between a roller coaster and a waterslide. Put simply, you climb into a giant inflatable globe and bounce your way down a series of tracks.

You can do a dry ride or a wet ride, when you share your Zorb with a few buckets of water (warm in winter, cool in summer). As the Zorb website puts it:

“Your view of the world will be a blur of sky and grass, blue and green, as you enjoy the weightlessness and G-force sensation on your way down.”

Where’s your favourite place to turn the world into a blur of blue and green?


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