Gourmet delights in Wanaka

Aromatic wines, rich and fascinating foods under crisp clear skies. A gourmet lovers treat in Wanaka!

We are ‘foodies’ from way back and each visit to the Lake Wanaka region reveals more delicious tastes and aromatic smells…….so we just keep coming back.

And it is for good reason this October for Wanakafest.

There are a bunch of events and happenings but we aren’t going past the ‘Food and Wine Fest’ which features the very best form Wanaka vineyards, local chefs presenting their fare, micro brewed coffee and the very best of coffee.   

A variation on the theme is the ‘Wanaka Wacky Food Fest’ which showcases the wilder side of food offerings!

We think this year we’ll also take part in one of the ’Food and Wine Master Classes’.

Remember to book early as this is New Zealand’s first long weekend since their winter – Labour Weekend which features a holiday on the Monday.

With all the yummy food and famous Central Otago wines on offer we know it’s important to get some exercise, and this is so easy at Edgewater. There are two all weather tennis courts on site and for hire, are mountain bikes. It is just so easy and we can go exploring around the lake edge and soaking up the tranquil atmosphere that is Wanaka.

Make Wanaka your destination this spring and early summer.  Bring your taste buds and you won’t be disappointed.

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