Life After Rugby? Go Rafting.

NZ is a footy mad nation and 2011 was a year for enthusiasts to indulge, celebrate and engage. Life after rugby? How about an adventure as thrilling... watching the Rugby final?

Travellers and locals alike, looking for adrenalin, action and thrills, sometimes forget the most exciting way into the New Zealand backcountry – is by raft.

Very much like an international Rugby tournament, rafting brings together travellers from around the world.

It’s all about adventure, and taking them into a part of New Zealand they have never even imagined, let alone seen in photographs.

It starts with meeting Tussock and Alex, two born and bred Kiwis who are also the owners/operators of Rangitata Rafts. Tussock began working as a guide when he returned from travelling the world by motorbike for five years.

It’s about teamwork – getting amongst Grade 5 rapids with a group of like-minded people, going in with simply your sense of adventure, safety gear, a paddle and professional guide at the helm – coming away with a new outlook on life.

It’s about knowing that the Gorge is all your own with Rangitata Rafts. Many of New Zealand’s beautiful valleys are also busy ones. But the Rangitata Gorge is untouched, unspoilt . . .unbelievable.

It’s about discovering the closest Grade 5 white water rafting to Christchurch – simply turn off from the main road on your way down to Queenstown – their Peel Forest base is only 30 minutes from the Christchurch-Queenstown highway. 

(You’ve heard of Queenstown but have you heard of Peel Forest? The best parts of New Zealand are still its best-kept secrets).

It’s about making memories.

It’s simply New Zealand rafting at its very best. And it’s every single day during Sept - May. 2011, 2012 and beyond.

Tussock and all the team love being able to share a unique South Island valley with people who appreciate the chance to explore truly ‘off the beaten track’ locations.

And the best part about life after rugby? This experience is yours, at prices you wouldn’t expect of a World Cup standard. We look forward to welcoming you to our special part of the South Island.

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