New Zealand Farm Raised Venison

New Zealand farm-raised venison is one of the worlds best red meats and is available in good restaurants and supermarkets throughout NZ.

Enjoy the Unique Taste of Farm-Raised Venison

Visitors to New Zealand are lucky to be able to enjoy one of the world's best red meats.

Farm-raised venison is widely available in restaurants and all good supermarkets throughout the country.  

So whether planning a special meal out, or a special night in, look for farm-raised venison.

New Zealandfarmers started farming deer in the 1970s.  

Demand for lean, nutritious and naturally raised meat has grown, so New Zealand farmers responded to this by carefully raising deer on wide open pastures to produce tender, succulent venison.

Farm-raised venison is sold under a variety of brand names in supermarkets and restaurants.  

Look for the name Cervena.  Cervena is a guarantee that the venison is tender and delicious.  

Farm-raised venison does not have the strong gamey flavour many people associate with hunted game meats, but has a subtle meaty flavour that pleases most palates.  

New Zealandfarm-raised venison is exported to around 30 countries, and is served at some of the top restaurants in the USA, Germany, France and the UK.

But you can enjoy it without paying for 5 star service at many good restaurants throughout New Zealand.  

Award winning restaurants like Logan Brown in Wellington, and Clooney in Auckland serve farm-raised venison on their menus.

A unique experience is a visit to The Cook House near Christchurch.  Chef Graham Brown runs small group cooking demonstrations, and degustation dinners from his home on the outskirts of Rangiora in North Canterbury.  

Chef Brown is an international Ambassador for New Zealand food and he also runs a small deer farm.