StArtChch: Christchurch Street Art

Watch This Space maintains a free blog and interactive map that you can use on your own or come on one of our tours of Christchurch street art.

Once a city celebrated more for its historic buildings and beautiful botanic gardens than a thriving arts scene, post-quake Christchurch has made a name for itself as a world centre for vibrant street art.

As buildings pop up in the ever-evolving urban landscape, walls both new and old come to life with colourful pieces by local and international street artists.

Several people and projects have played a part in this transformation. One such individual is George Shaw, street art collector and founder of the 2016 Spectrum street art festival – a major exhibition featuring artists from around the world.


Travel Tips

1) Go down to Colombo Street and check out the street art there, especially the mural bay behind The Embassy.

2) Go mountain biking in the Port Hills. It’s a great way to see the city from above and get a work out at the same time.

3) Bike ride around the city. There are free bikes to use and the stations are scattered all throughout town.

4) Go to Smash Palace for a beer and burger. It’s a great spot to take in the city on a warm evening.

5) Check out The Ministry of Awesome’s Coffee and Jam each Tuesday at lunchtime at the Epic Building. This is the starting point for people who want to turn their ideas into reality. It’s a great way to see the creative, social entrepreneur, and start-up side of Christchurch. You’ll meet all kinds of interesting people here.