When one is not enough!

Sarah had completed four skydives when she decided to take on her fifth and best so far!

Sarah and Allie both from America are full of life! The Adventurous pair wanted to take the leap of faith found themselves at the Skydive Paradise Drop Zone in spectacular Glenorchy.

When staff enquired why they chose Skydive Paradise, they said reviews on Trip Advisor had said good things to say about this company and its views, so they wanted to check it out for themselves!

For Allie this was her first jump with her good friend Sarah, who was gearing up for her fifth skydive! Sarah was psyched and had Allie enthralled with excitement too. The Crew just couldn’t wait to send her up in the skies to find out what she felt about this little gem in the corner of the world we call Paradise!

They both boarded the plane with high fives and smiles!

As they descended from the skies the crew watched them come into land. As soon as she landed  Sarah ran to the ground crew using only one word – EPIC! She caught her breath and said the scenery could not be matched.

Sarah said she enjoyed all five Tandem Skydives but the view in Glenorchy was simply unreal and she wished the Freefall would never stop. Sarah’s smile only grew bigger as she talked about her experience. 

Once they were out of the skydive gear the girls sat with a cup of tea and coffee on the bean bags enjoying the sunshine. They exclaimed when they come back they would definitely come and jump out of the plane again here at Paradise!

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