Working Holiday Visas to New Zealand

The Working Holiday Visa is your best chance to improve your English, discover an amazing culture and gain some valuable work experience! Check it out!

The Working Holiday Visa is your best chance to improve your English, discover an amazing culture, a wonderful country, gain some valuable work experience ...

A Working Holiday Visa is a 12 months (in most cases) visa that allows you to work in New Zealand.

Your visa is valid from the date that you arrive in New Zealand. This visa is multi-entry which means that it will allow you to leave and return to New Zealand as many times as you want during those 12 months.

More than 50,000 travellers come each year to New Zealand with a Working Holiday visa.

In most cases, you can submit an electronic application for a work visa under the working holiday scheme by using the Immigration New Zealand website. It takes 15 to 30 minutes (you can save and stop at any time) only and the process is much faster than a paper application. You just need your details including those in your passport, and answer questions on your health, character and travel plans. The fee for an online or paper application is the same. You will have a response in a few days. See to apply online.


Working holiday visa restrictions:

You cannot apply for a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand :

  • If you already had a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand
  • If you are not from the list of selected countries
  • If your application was already denied
  • If you do not meet the health requirement
  • If you are under 18 years old
  • If you are over 30 years old (35 years old for selected countries)

Take our Free Visa Check to see if you qualify and to a personalised email with more information.


Your Working Holiday visa is an Electronic Visa, it's exactly the same as a normal visa, and you must print the Visa once you receive it by email and keep it with your passport. It's valid as soon as you enter New Zealand.

You must have a Visa or MasterCard credit card to pay the fee online to immigration NZ. It's not an obligation to use your own card. You can use a friend or parents, if you have their authorisation of course...


Countries eligible for a working holiday visa in New Zealand:

You can apply for a Working Holiday visa for New Zealand from 41 countries/regions:

Argentina                  Austria                       Belgium                     Brazil

Canada                     Chile                          China                         Croatia 

Czech                         Denmark                   Estonia                      Finland

France                       Germany                    Hong Kong               Hungary


Italy                              Israel                         Japan                        Latvia

Malaysia                     Malta                          Mexico                       Netherlands

Norway                        Peru                           Philippines               Poland                       

Singapore                  Slovakia                      Slovenia                  South Korea              

Spain                          Sweden                      Taiwan                      Thailand                    

Turkey                        United Kingdom        Uruguay                USA                            


If you country is on the list, don’t miss this one in a life time opportunity to immerse yourself in the kiwi culture. Adventure guaranteed!


Links for more info:

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Information for this article have also been sourced on - in our opinion, the simplest and most comprehensive resource for a working holiday or a gap year in New Zealand.

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