Barnicoat Mountainbike Ride

Beautiful views and a great work out. Perfect ride if your short on time or feel like and up hill challenge. Watch the hangliders take off from the summit.

For this ride you need a good level of fitness, it is 8.6k return with some steep climbs in places and fun downhill. It will take between 30-60 minutes to reach the top and 10-20 minutes back down again.

Start at the top of Marsden Valley Road by the gates to the quarry. There is car parking here if you are driving to the start of it. Marsden road is a gradual uphill all the way to the start and makes a great warm up.

Head over the vehicle bridge to the right of the quarry and carry your bike over the gate. Ride along about 100m where you will find a right hand turn and begin your climb. Keep going up until you reach the top where there is a sharp right hand turn, short steep climb and then it opens out to a large grassy area. Take some time to relax and enjoy your views.

Hangliders fly from the summit on a good clear day, so make the most of your time and views when you get to the top. The road that you riding up is also shared by vehicles heading to the top too. Control your speed on the way down and be mindful of walkers, runner and other riders sharing the track with you.

This is a great ride if you are looking for some brilliant views or want to get a bit of hill training in. Enjoy!!