Day trips from Christchurch

Akaroa is worth more than a day trip from Christchurch. Why stay longer? With a great range of accommodation & plenty to see & do Akaroa is a perfect base.

Akaroa and the Bays is a fantastic day trip from Christchurch but why deprive yourself of an amazing experience by driving over the hill for just one day? If pubs, clubs and bars are your scene then you probably won't like Akaroa nightlife and the city is the place to be. If, on the other hand you enjoy getting in touch with nature, relaxing, great food and wine and taking some time out then Akaroa is for you.

With a range of accommodation from a  5 star retreat  to camping grounds & hostels there is something for every taste & every budget. It's the same with things to see & do. From fantastic freebie walks to motorbike & side car rides, nature cruises, dolphin swimming with one of the world's smallest dolphins, seal safaris, a huge colony of tiny penguins , sailing, kayaking, fabulous food, cooking classes, farm tours, shopping, mail run tours, a mosaic garden and more, there is plenty to fill several days.

Or just do what Akaroa does best of all. Just be. Take some deep breaths, relax, unwind, watch the stunning sunsets across the shimmering harbour waters & let all the tensions go. With no trains, planes, traffic or big trucks rolling by, can you imagine how quiet that is?

To complete the pampering have a massage or beauty treatment. It's not just for the ladies. Fantastic couples experiences are guaranteed to put everyone in a good mood.

So yes Akaroa is a wonderful day trip from Christchurch and to do more than scratch the surface of this tranquil place you need to take a few days. Who knows - you may never want to leave.

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