Kea - The Alpine Parrot

The Kea, the only alpine parrot in the world is found on the Milford Sound road. Milford Sound Select Day trip from Queenstown can introduce you to one!

As the coach parks up at Monkey Creek one of the many great stops on the road to Milford Sound what you will not expect is a parrot that will be one of the most intriguing birds you have ever come across. Monkey Creek is one of those pristine places where you can drink water directly from the stream and of course be surrounded by some alpine scenery like you haven't experienced before.

Disembark the coach and you will see the most beautiful shades of orange under the large wing span of the Kea with its dark olive-brown persona. Unlike other birds the Kea will come close and will make you ask yourself does it want something from me?

Kea's have a reputation of having a notorious urge to explore. Believe it or not but until 1986 Kea had a bounty on its head from farmers as it attacked the sheep and other livestock. Since 1986 they are under Full Protection.

'Cheeky' is the perfect way of describing Kea in one word. They are known to peck on things like rubber parts on cars and carry away any loose items like camera cases kept on the floor whilst someone is taking a photo.
Studies have shown they can solve logical puzzles and work together to achieve results. A gathering or group of Kea’s is called a ‘Circus’ and the Kea are called the ‘Clown of the mountains’.

The road to Milford Sound introduces you to this spectacular bird amongst various other things Mother Nature has to offer. We hope to see you on our luxurious Milford Sound Select coach to come meet this unique personality!

Welcome Aboard!

PS – Read our Trip Advisor Reviews and you will see our drivers are always educating guests not to feed any human food to the Kea’s. Please pass this message on to any of your friends or family visiting. We want to protect this beautiful and quirky bird.

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