Rafting the Buller Gorge in New Zealand

Rafting on the Buller is a fantastic way to explore the river. Not only is it incredibly scenic, but it offers the best value rafting in the South Island.

Rafting the Buller gorge is one of the most fun things you can do whilst wearing a wetsuit! Trips start in Murchison and paddle past the confluence of the Maruia and Buller rivers and the resulting eddies. The now mighty Buller then boils between rock walls narrowing to a few metres wide, the water rushing and swirling all around. 

As oppsosed to driving down the gorge, where little is actually seen of the river, the stunning scenery never fails to impress - when there is time to relax between rapids!

Taste the water of White Creek - famous for its major faultline and i's resulting rapid - before continuing to shooting the Ariki falls, followed by a last gorge with the chance of a swim if you dare, and disembark after going under New Zealand's longest swingbridge.

Return to Murchison Lodge - your ideal base to explore this area.




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