Ultimate Waterfall Adventure for Families

For an adventurous family holiday that is amazing and off the beaten track, I recommend conquering the worlds highest waterfall climb... together!

Finally, you’re heading to New Zealand for an adventure of a lifetime, so what to do? If you love getting off the beaten path and getting away from the crowds, head to the South Island and more specifically Wanaka.

Here, the scenery is incredible and the opportunities for adventures are endless. Wanaka is a secret gem, with sparkling lakes, snow capped mountains, clear rivers, friendly locals and now… Wildwire, the world’s highest waterfall climb. What is a waterfall climb? To try and visualize it… it is a cross between a high-ropes course and Canyoning in reverse (except you stay dry!) and perfect for the whole family (12 years and up.) The course takes you up ladder like steel rungs and over a series of suspension bridges built alongside a spectacular cascading waterfall. As you climb, new waterfalls are revealed as well as crystal clear pools, perfect for a quick dip on a hot day. The views looking out to Mt Aspiring National Park are spectacular and the photo opportunities are amazing. The climb is aimed at active beginners and you need no specific skills, yet your highly attentive guides are there each step of the way, making it a perfect family activity. If you can climb a ladder, you can do it! The route offers challenge and accomplishments for everyone and it is super rewarding to climb in this magical place together. The groups are small and it is such a memorable achievement to conquer the worlds highest waterfall climb as a family.

There is a whole list of Must Do things in New Zealand and for the most part, you can’t go wrong! If you want something different, and totally memorable for the whole family, Wildwire Wanaka is definitely at the top of the list.

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