Finding a job in New Zealand

A great resource for finding available jobs in New Zealand so you can work a little to play a whole lot more!

From picking fruit and milking cows to working in cafes and hotels, there are many jobs available in New Zealand for travellers. New Zealand's Working Holiday Scheme, an agreement with 34 countries, means that young visitors that qualify are welcome to work, play and study in New Zealand for up to a year. The beauty of our working holiday visa is that you can work in any job while you're here, even ones that relate to your career. This gives you options - you can choose to either gain valuable career experience, or simply help fund your travel through New Zealand.

Every country's agreement is different, so it's worth finding out what you need in order to qualify. 

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A great resource for the jobs currently available is the website BackpackerBoard. You can check out the vacancies here. Updated in real time, you are always going to be in the know of hot new jobs as they come up.

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