5 Best Cheap Eats in Auckland

Whether you’re a foodie or not, a meal at your favourite restaurant is something you would never say no to. But everything good comes with a price.

Whether you’re a foodie or not, a meal at your favourite restaurant is something you would never say no to. But everything good comes with a price, so does food. The question which then arises is how to treat your taste buds without spending too much? Fret not, Auckland has many restaurants which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Beware though, if you get carried away, overeating may lead to a burning hole in your stomach! 

New Flavour - A classic place for munching on dumplings, New Flavour is the most popular Chinese restaurant on Dominion Road. The place has decent seating indoors, although most of the people prefer takeaways. It is licensed for BYO so you can carry your drink to the meal. The folks there surely know how to cook meat, as the beef and pork products are absolutely delicious. Beef with kale and pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce are the picks of the menu, with both the items priced at less than $15. Other budgeted options include black bean and chilli lamb on noodles, egg, prawns and chives, cucumber and tofu salad, spring onion pancakes, and garlic beans. The restaurant is open late into the night, mostly till wee hours of the morning.

Chop Chop Noodle Bar - Another Chinese eatery, Chop Chop Noodle Bar is worth a visit just to taste their pork ramen. It has an ambiance which would remind you of Bruce Lee's cult films and the food is tasty enough to satisfy your hunger dragon. If you are willing to spend around $25, then order the Cobra Kai Super Mega Ramen, which is like the mother of the pork ramen, owing to its grandeur. Crispy fried chicken, pork, bacon, kimchi and rye noodles makes this dish a superbowl! There is also a bar which serves some interesting cocktails. 'The Street Fighter', as it is aptly titled is a gin cocktail with agave syrup, orange juice and blueberry, and is usually the most ordered drink. Under the 'fried' menu you can choose from Korean Fried Chicken (KFC doppelganger?), the Chop Chop Pork Bun, and the Fish of the Day (for a mere $18.)

Rotti Hut - Rotti Hut is a Sri Lankan restaurant in Mount Roskill which is another classic place to go out for an economic yet sumptuous meal. You can have South Asian snacks such as samosas, vadas, stuffed roti, fish cutlet etc. In the main course there are curries of potato, soya meat, chicken, lamb and beef to choose from, 'masala' meals of potato, chicken, lamb and mutton, and South Indian cuisines such as sambhar and dosa. Sri Lanka's special dish Puttu Kottu, which is made from roti, vegetables, meat and spices, is also available along with Kottu Roti. If you need rotis to go with the main course, you can get a bag of 6 for $5. What a bargain!

Epolito's Pizzeria - Are you a pizza addict? Is biting off that bursting cheesy crust always on your mind? Then Epolito's Pizzeria is the perfect place for you. Their New York styled pizzas are city's favourite, with some even recommending them as the best and the rates are so nominal that it is often the most thronged among all the cheap eats in Auckland. The most popular is The Godfather which is a potpourri of pepperoni, sausage, meatball, onion, black olive, mushroom, jalapeno and garlic. Surely an offer you can't refuse! The favourite among the vegetarians is the On Madison, which is sprinkled with black olive, feta and roast garlic. Pizza Bianca is made without tomato sauce and has mozzarella, parmesan, roast garlic, oregano and rock salt.

Hansan :- There aren't many places in Auckland where you can find Vietnamese styled pork and prawn pancake. Hansan offers authentic Vietnamese food at amazing prices. Apart from the aforementioned Vietnamese cuisine, there is also the pan fried chicken with lemon grass egg noodles soup. You can not leave a Vietnamese diner without eating fried wontons. The wontons served here are incredibly tasty and would make you slobber when you munch them in your mouth. The menu has some mouth-watering chicken items too for example the 'curry chicken with vermicilli' and 'stir fried chicken with ginger on rice'. The pork spare ribs and fine egg noodles soup form a great combo! If you're looking to eat beef, try the curry beef stew with rice noodles.

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