Adrift on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

This 19km trek is New Zealand’s best day walk, taking in amazing landscapes along the way.

The Tongariro National Park has dual World Heritage status and includes The Tongariro Alpine Crossing and the Northern Circuit which are part of the Department of Conservation ‘Great Walks’ network. 

The three active andesitic volcanoes, Mt Tongariro (1967m), Mt Ngauruhoe (2291m) and Mt Ruapehu (2797m), are majestic and dominate the National Park. The Tongariro area has grown over the last 300,000 years and was formed from many different eruptions from at least six cones.

Intense volcanic activity and retreating glaciers from the ice age, have all left amazing textures, colours and landscapes with stories of fire and ice to tell.

Take an experienced guide when you trek

Adrift are fully concessioned to guide the Tongariro Alpine Crossing (summer and winter), and throughout the Tongariro National Park.

Our guides walk the Tongariro Alpine Crossing during summer and winter and because we are specialists in this trek, our adventures are tailored for the most scenic routes which are unattainable to others.

We look forward to showing off beautiful New Zealand at its best!

New Zealand's best day walk

This 19km trek is New Zealand’s best day walk. The track leads up to the saddle between Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Tongariro and then diverts over Mt Tongariro. Mt Tongariro is not a single volcano, but a complex of craters that have been active at different periods.

The landscape on Tongariro is peppered with different coloured and shaped craters, scoured volcanic rocks, mountain springs, and brightly coloured emerald lakes.


Summer offers a majestic landscape of recent resultant volcanic activity. There is a vast array of colors and textures created from sulfur, aluminum, silica, and many other mineral deposits released from within the earth’s crust. In summer this track can be crowded and where possible, we take our clients away from the masses, while making sure that the popular sights are still experienced.


Sunrise is another option we offer that is different and avoids the summer crowds. The pre-dawn departure has you on the top of Red Crater watching the sunrise. The unique light and with the peaceful, still, quiet moments of the dawn makes this an experience you will never forget.


Winter has the luxury of few other walkers and the fun of sliding on snow. No outdoor experience is necessary. Winter offers the opportunity to walk through the magnificent snow covered landscape. All training and tuition is given on the day. Crampons and ice-axes are supplied by Adrift for a fantastic alpine experience. Winter on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing offers the sights of summer without the crowds.

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