Book A Camping Spot At Mt Maunganui Beach during summer

Located in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Mount Maunganui is a peninsula to the north of Tauranga and is a popular tourist destination over the summer.

Located in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Mount Maunganui is a peninsula to the north of Tauranga.

This popular tourist destination is named after the extinct volcanic cone that rises above the town - officially known by its Maori name, Mauao - or known colloquially by locals as 'The Mount'.

The town is known for its year-round good weather, beautiful swimming and surfing beaches, and laid-back summer vibe. In the warmer months, it becomes a thriving hub as people from far and wide come to join in lifesaving events, beach volleyball competitions, surfing and sandcastle building.

The family-friendly atmosphere and choice of outdoor activities makes Mount Maunganui an ideal camping destination. One popular activity is to climb to the top of 'The Mount'. While it's a bit of a challenge, it's all worthwhile when you go for a cool swim in the ocean afterwards! Read on to discover more activities and places you can visit while on holiday in Mount Maunganui.

Surfing, diving and fishing

If you're a fan of water activities, you won't be short on things to do in Mount Maunganui. Book a fishing trip, a diving course, or just test out the surfing at the various beaches.

Food and wine

Mount Maunganui has a range of cafes, restaurants and pubs to choose from - whether you want a gourmet meal, or something casual with live music to dance to.

Sport activities

In Mount Maunganui you'll find opportunities to play golf, soccer, bowls, netball, tennis, hockey and rugby. Join in a game with your friends, or some other families staying near you. The beach also holds regular volleyball competitions, and visitors are welcome to join in.

Boutique shopping

Mount Maunganui is known for its range of eclectic boutiques, fashion stores and shops. Choose from casual beachwear stores or high-end fashion, or browse through some of their art and craft shops for gifts and home wares.


Mount Main beach

With its golden sands and rolling waves, Mount Main beach is the ideal summer holiday venue, and a popular spot for relaxing in the sun with friends or family.

Ocean Beach

Ocean beach extends to Papamoa over the south, and offers great conditions for surfers and body surfers. Here you'll find the Omanu Surf Club and their seasonal lifeguard service.

Matakana Island

Across the Tauranga harbour you'll find Matakana Island. Accessible only by ferry or boat, this island offers ideal conditions for surfers with big tubes and hollow waves.

Moturiki Island

This tiny island offers an environmentally friendly picnic spot and walking track. With stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, fishing and wildlife-watching opportunities, Moturiki Island is a great place to visit for the day.

Mount Maunganui accommodation

A great accommodation option for your Mount Maunganui holiday is camping. Booking a place at a campground is affordable, a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and socialise with friends and family!

For your next holiday, visit Mt Maunganui and book your accommodation at the best New Zealand camping grounds.