Catlins becomes new romantic getaway spot!

The Catlins Coast provides the ideal escape for couples in love. Adventure with spectacular scenery will make this a trip to remember. Luxury & Love

"Romantic Catlins Travel Destination and now a Movie Set:

Step away from the keyboard, unplug yourself from the matrix and check out this top Catlins Resort just 2 hrs south of Dunedin and 90 minutes east of Invercargill on the famous Southern Scenic Route.

The Whistling Frog Cafe & Catlins Eco Tourism Resort at McLean Falls, in the heart of the mighty Catlins Forest Conservation Park will host you while you enjoy the sights:

Discover the 'hobbitville' of the south coast. The setting for the widely acclaimed dark comedy, The Two Little Boys,  where ancient Podocarp forests dripping with lichens and ferns meet the rugged Southern Ocean complete with Jurassic Petrified Forests and rare yellow-eyed penguins.

A bygone era dating back to the dinosaurs. "The forgotten coast."

For lovers who love the outdoors! With waterfalls, deserted white sand beaches and cottages that don’t include TV’s, phones or radios, you won’t find it hard not to check your email. (But we have that too!)

Immerse yourself - couples in love can indulge their love of nature. Give yourself a romantic shot in the arm. Treat yourself to a romantic getaway at the acclaimed Whistling Frog Cafe & Catlins Eco Tourism Resort in the heart of the Catlins.

Stay, Relax and re-charge in the romantic Catlins!  Book Online Now!

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