Enjoy Taupo's Lions Walk

The Lions Walk is a favourite lakeside walk for Taupo locals that many tourists overlook. Each day you'll see something different and beautiful.

The Lions Walk is a paved walkway starting on the lake side of the road at the southern end of Taupo and continuing all the way around to Wharewaka Point a number of kilometres away.

Head out for a walk along it in the morning or evening and you will be passed by many friendly locals walking, jogging and cycling who will great you with a cheerful 'hello' or 'gidday'.  The walk heads along the scenic lake front where you can see stunning views of Mount Ruapehu and the volcanic plateau.  It then dips down past a number of popular hotels and motels and the unique hotwater beach where you can stop and dip your toes in the hot sand.  On a calm day the water will be warm up to your knees.

Continue on and you will start heading south past the Two Mile Bay boat ramp where its nice to stop and watch boats coming and going with eager fishermen and waterskiiers.  Past the Two Mile Bay boat ramp you can find many tiny beaches and bays, many with seats facing out to the lake.  We love to bring our grandchildren here for a swim and a picnic.

The paved walkway continues on past the Three Mile Bay boatramp taking in more secluded bays with boats moored and some lovely holiday homes.  You know you've reached the end when you encounter a large playground and bbq area.  Keep going up the hill for some stunning views south over the lake, then contemplate your walk or ride home.

Many people simply walk for a set period of time and then turn around and return home once they have walked for half their allocated time.  Whether you want to spend 20 minutes or a couple of hours, it is a rewarding walk to show you some of the people, wildlife and scenery of Lake Taupo.