Hacket Hut Walk

Take a 1 1/2 hour walk along beautiful scenery to the Hacket Hut, great as a day hike or overnighter

The track is also used by mountain bikers and is single track in a few places so take care of each other out there. You can take your dog on this one with you if you like.

It is a nice easy 1 1/2 hour walk from the Aniseed Valley up to the Hackett Hut. There are several bridges to cross on the way and a river crossing just as you get to the Hut itself. If the River is low enough and you are clever you may be able to get across this one without getting your feet wet.

The Hackett Hut has a wood burner and 6 bunk beds. There is a river beside the Hut for water, but boil before drinking. There are no cooking facilities in the Hut.

It is possible to carry on another hour to the Browning Hut or to Starveall Hut if you are feeling fit as this is another 4 1/2 hours and can be steep in places. There is also a side walk that can take you to Whispering Falls.

Fantastic as a day return walk or an overnighter. A great walk for a first overnighter.
Please be aware that there are lots of wasps near and around the Hut.
You can buy your ticket to stay there at any DOC centre and also pick up a map and information on your walk.