Whanganui Journey - a river adventure

Canoe down the magical Whanganui River and venture through landscapes of native bush, hills and valleys.

The Whanganui Journey, one of the Great Walks, is located in Whanganui National Park. Experience the scenic beauty, history and cultural significance of the Whanganui River.

Enjoy the mixture of farmland, native bush, and waterfalls. Get out of the canoe and take a short hike to the Bridge to Nowhere along the way.

This canoe or kayak trip takes three to five days, starting at Taumaranui (145km) or Whakahoro (87km) and ending in Pipiriki.

The best time to go is from October to April, the Whanganui Journey Great Walks season. Bookings are required for accommodation at Department of Conservation (DOC) huts and campsites during this time.

Transport and canoe hire is available from nearby towns: Taumaranui, Ohakune, and Whanganui.


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