Epic New Zealand

Say ‘kia ora’ to legendary scenery, vibrant culture and awesome adventures around every corner.

New Zealand is a truly photogenic country that looks more striking than any movie could convey and within its walls of beaches and mountains, fiords and volcanos, there is really too much to see and do. You could be surfing, bungy jumping, snowboarding, kayaking, or just hanging out on a beach with a beer; add to that rich Maori cultural experiences, outdoor music festivals, energetic cities and amazing wildlife and you’re looking at some seriously good times.

As a compact little country it’s easy to get around in just a few weeks and makes for the perfect stop-off as part of a round the world trip. Or stay for longer with a working holiday visa and really feast on a country that is the ultimate playground for the young and adventurous.

You’re only young once and New Zealand is the perfect place to make the most of it. Do more here. Brag more later.

Check out: our list of 50 unforgettable things to do for free in New Zealand and answers to your basic travelling questions.

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When you're young (or young at heart) there's no better way to travel than with a pack on your back and a country at your feet, making new friends along the way. Read sample itineraries and FAQ's for everything you need to plan your trip, including visa info and a cool little map.

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If adventure sports are right up your alley, get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Bungy jumping, sky diving, caving, canyoning  - New Zealand has every adventure activity you can think of - and some you've never even heard of! All set to the backdrop of jaw-dropping landscapes.

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Epic Stories

A holiday to New Zealand is packed full of amazing landscapes, epic experiences and life-changing moments.  But don’t take our word for it - see for yourselves.  Watch people like you who have not just thought about visiting New Zealand, but have actually done it.

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Life is all about experiences, not material possessions.

Sometimes we just need reminding. 'Stories Beat Stuff' challenged young people around the world to give up their 'stuff' for the chance to win a 3-week story of a lifetime in New Zealand. Watch their incredible experiences here:

Summer Rhythm

Road-trips, music festivals & good vibes. The New Zealand summer is packed with spectacular outdoor music festivals set in some truly breath-taking locations, and they’re a great excuse for a road trip. Jump in a car, pack the tent, your swimsuit and a sense of adventure and get off the beaten track.

Natural Goodness

Stunning scenery, friendly wildlife, epic encounters. New Zealand has wildlife and landscapes like no other place on earth, but it’s not just for taking pictures of. Get right in it! Hike national parks, climb glaciers, raft rivers, kayak with dolphins, swim with seals, wave at whales.

Culture Kaboom

Maori, mud pools & friendly locals. The North Island’s welcoming people, geothermal wonders and legends of the land have been amazing visitors for years. Visit a marae (traditional Maori meeting house), soak in natural hot pools, and get into nearby adventure like white water rafting or go fishing with new friends.