Tourism Business Database - Deals for campaigns and deal performance

Over 500,000 New Zealanders now visit every month to find travel inspiration and experiences. Tourism New Zealand drives a significant volume of domestic visitors to the site via the ‘Do Something New, New Zealand’ campaign platform.  

To give your business the opportunity to leverage Tourism New Zealand campaign activity, we invite you to support domestic campaign activity with relevant and appealing deals and products that are closely aligned to the campaign messaging and audience. 

Why should operators take up this opportunity?

  • High quality referrals to your business website for free - From January to June 2021, over 2.5 million users visited, resulting in over 568,000 operator referrals (clicks from to your business website). Deals are free to list and reach a high quality, high-intent audience.  
  • Media exposure in New Zealand - Any deal/package loaded to by your business could be selected by a domestic media partner such as. Flybuys or NZME, to feature in above the line activity during the campaign period. Your business will only be selected to feature if they are a Qualmark member, and if the deal or experience is aligned to a media partner’s activity. For example, if NZME are building a wildlife themed article, businesses that offer wildlife experiences will be selected. 

How to load a campaign deal

Go to your Business in Tourism New Zealand’s Tourism Business Database(opens in new window).

Click on Deals in the top navigation and Add a new deal

If you have more than one business you will need to select which business the listing is for and then the product listing it is for. From there, select the market language, deal type and deal details.

Important notes: 

  • Please curate a new deal aligned to the campaign messaging.
  • There are slightly different steps for creating deals in the Tourism Business Database for the current Australia and domestic campaigns. Please read the information below in detail.
  • For more detailed information on uploading deals please review the Tourism Business Database user guides(opens in new window).

Frequently asked questions

To help with loading deals here are some frequently asked questions.

Do I have to feature an offer for the full duration of the campaign?  

No, as with any deal uploaded to, operators decide the offer time-period.  For you to maximise the impact of your campaign deal, we recommend that you upload the deal for the full campaign period. 


What type of deal could be most effective? 

Tourism New Zealand has found that visitors to click through to some types of deals more than others. The deals by type are listed in order of best performance below:  

  1. Percentage off 
  2. Price point   
  3. Save amount 
  4. Free 
  5. More for less


Will previously uploaded deals show for a campaign? 

No, please submit new and relevant deals to each campaign.  If you have other, non-campaign specific deals they will continue to show in appropriate areas of If you have submitted a deal for a campaign that is currently live e.g. Summer campaign, these deals will remain until the deal end date. 


Which image will show for the campaign deal? 

The first image of your product listing will display on the campaign deal. Please change the first image within your product listing if this image is not relevant to the campaign messaging. Please submit an image without text on the image. 70% of people visit from mobile so this will not show clearly.


Will the deal feature on Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) websites via an API Agreement? 

Around half of RTOs have an API Agreement with Tourism New Zealand.  The deal will be fed through to those RTOs and other 3rd party sites, just like business listings and other deals do. However, any campaign deal will appear among other current deals on the RTO sites unless the RTO and 3rd party pick up the new campaign feature. 



These are the current and upcoming campaigns, and activity that we encourage you to participate in: 

Domestic – Summer Campaign  

This summer Tourism New Zealand is challenging New Zealanders to make this the best summer ever, by doing new, going somewhere new, and extending their summer holiday. This campaign will kick off 15 November and run until 27 February 2022.  

Summer campaign activity will be targeting all New Zealand demographics, Families, Empty Nesters and Single- & Double-Income Households.  

To leverage this opportunity, you are invited to submit summer deals to the Tourism Business Database (TBD). 

How to load a summer campaign deal to  

Go to your Business in the TBD. Click on Manage Business, then Manage product Listing and Add a new deal. Under the specific campaign drop down menu choose ‘Domestic - Summer campaign – November to February 2022’ and tick ‘New Zealand’ as the market. 

Summer deal guidance

Criteria for summer deals 

All deals are reviewed by Tourism New Zealand after they have been submitted.  

For a summer deal to be accepted it must be relevant to summer i.e., bookable during summer. Whilst the campaign theme, ‘make this the best summer ever’ and our target audience, all New Zealanders, is broad, there are two ways to leverage our campaign messaging: 

  • Submit a deal aligned to our core messaging; doing something new will make this the best summer ever, by profiling new experiences or experience combos  
  • Submit an accommodation deal or partner with an accommodation in your region to build a package deal enticing New Zealanders to extend their summer holiday by going somewhere new 

Why Tourism New Zealand would decline a submitted summer deal? 

Here are some reasons why a summer deal may be declined. Following these tips will help you to submit a valid deal: 

  • The deal isn’t a discount off of standard rates or if there is no value add 
  • The deal is not bookable during the summer campaign dates, 15 November - 27 February 
  • The deal is applicable for travel after the campaign period only   
  • More than one summer deal is submitted per product Listing (excluding a Gift voucher ‘deal’ - this will be considered as separate)  
  • There is no website link to information about the discount or a promocode in the deal 

We usually require you to link to a page with more specific information about the deal, if this is not possible and you can only link to a booking page, you will need to ensure a promo/coupon code is pre-loaded on that booking page and/or included in the deal text (i.e., ‘Use Code: SUMMERDEAL’) 

Domestic - Gift vouchers

The campaign delivered over 28,000 referrals to tourism businesses, via and various media platforms. As a result, we have decided to retain the capability to feature gift vouchers on for the foreseeable future, enabling Tourism New Zealand to consider marketing activity at key retail gifting moments i.e., Valentine’s Day.

Note for operators that have already submitted gift vouchers in 2021: 

The deal end date for all gift vouchers submitted in 2021 has been ended until 31 December 2022.  

If you do not wish your gift voucher information to remain published on the gift voucher hub throughout 2022, please log into the Tourism Business Database and unpublish the deal.  

How will gift vouchers appear on 

Visitors to see gift vouchers (currently submitted by operatorsas ‘deals’ in the Tourism Business Database) on a dedicated page for gift vouchers(opens in new window). They will not be seen alongside normal deals.  

Gift voucher examples

How to load a gift voucher information to  

Below are step by step instructions for submitting gift vouchers: 

Step 1. Visit the Tourism Business Database 

Step 2. Select Deals from the top menu (as noted above, as this is a trial gift vouchers are loaded into the Add a deal screen, but do not need to be a discount) 

Step 3Click the “Add a new deal” button 

Step 4. Select a product listing to link the gift voucher to (note the gift voucher may be product specific or one that applies to any of your products, select the most relevant product listing) 

Step 5. Select ‘New Zealand’ as the market and in the campaign drop-down menu choose ‘Domestic - Gift vouchers’  

Step 6. Select 'Price Point’ as the deal type.  

Gift voucher guidance

Step 7. Complete Title 1 & 2 in a similar form to this: 

  • “Gift the thrill of a skydive from [Experience Name]” 
  • “Gift whale watching from [Business Name]” 
  • “Gift an exceptional stay at [Accommodation Name]” 
  • See the image above for an example of how the gift voucher deal will show up.   

Step 8. In Description Line 1 put in “Gift vouchers” leave all other Description fields blank 

Step 9. Include a link to the gift voucher page your site. Include the Prefix “From” and put in the minimum value of your gift vouchers.  
Step 10. Choose your preferred start and an end date, and check the criteria in the section below. Once happy, press Submit for approval. 

Criteria for submitting a gift voucher 

All ‘deals’ that are submitted to reflect your gift voucher offering are reviewed by Tourism New Zealand after they have been submitted.  

Tourism New Zealand reserves the right to edit the information submitted or decline if criteria are not met. 

For a gift voucher to be accepted operators must have at least one of the following: 

  • The ability for a customer to buy a gift voucher on your website 
  • A dedicated landing page on your website clearly communicating how a customer can buy a gift voucher for your product/products 

Why would Tourism New Zealand decline a submitted gift voucher ‘deal’? 

Here are some reasons why a gift voucher may be declined. 

  • There is no way to buy a gift voucher on your website or no clear call to action on how to contact your business about purchasing one 
  • It is not clear on your website how a customer who has received a gift voucher redeems that voucher  
  • There are no terms and conditions detailing how long the gift voucher you are selling is valid for 
  • It is not clear within the terms and conditions whether the voucher can be refunded, exchanged for cash or exchanged for an alternate product
  • More than 5 gifting offers are submitted by a business.

Frequently asked questions 

Does the gift voucher need to be a deal or special offer? 

No, we are temporarily using the Add a deal screen to enable you to submit gift voucher information. The gift voucher pricing does not need to be a discount on your standard gift voucher or product pricing.  

Does the gift voucher need to be exclusive to Christmas? 

No, the gift voucher can be your standard, all year-round gift voucher offering. 

Can a business submit a gift voucher and a summer deal? 

Yes, we recommend submitting both to maximise referrals. 

Do I submit a gift voucher attached to a Product Listing or a Business Listing? 

Product Listing. If your business sells a dollar value gift voucher that can be redeemed on any of the experiences that you offer, attach it to the most relevant Product Listing that you have.  
If your business sells gift vouchers that are specific to the experiences, you can upload multiple, and attach each gift voucher to the associated Product Listing.  

What will happen after the 25 December? 

We will review the performance of gift vouchers on and make the decision to keep the activity running or remove all gift vouchers  from Tourism New Zealand will communicate this to you, via a Tourism Business Database email communication after the campaign has ended.