Best trout fishing in New Zealand

Lake Rotoiti is the best spot for trout fishing in New Zealand - come by and try it for yourself!

Lake Rotoiti is the best spot for Trout Fishing in New Zealand - that is our opinion - and if you believe otherwise, why don't you come by and try it for yourself!

Lake Rotoiti is situated in the central North Island, not to be confused with the Lake Rotoiti in the Tasman Lakes region, just a short drive from Rotorua. Check out our reasons why this is the best spot in New Zealand for trout fishing.

The lake covers 119 km², with an average depth of 33 metres, or 108 ft. It is the third largest lake in the Rotorua region - this means it is not too big, and relatively easy to get around should your first fishing spot not be working out too well for you.

Rainbow Trout stocks are very high in Lake Rotoiti, this is due to large numbers being released into the lake by Fish & Game annually, along with the natural fish stock populations. Very high trout numbers = more chance of landing a great catch!

Accommodation options around the lake are abundant, and include holiday home rentals with Te Pohutukawa Properties to suit all needs – from cozy cottages to family homes or a luxury lake house.

The trout are a good size! In 2006 one in ten trout caught on Lake Rotoiti was over 10 pounds (4.5kg), with an average size of 2kg. Due to abundant food sources in the lake, decent sized trout are quite common.

Hot Pools on the edge of the Lake make the perfect stop during your fishing excursion. It is a real treat to soak in the natural, thermal mineral waters, and with accessibility only by boat it is never too crowded. Take a picnic and unwind, ready for the second part of your fishing day or to head home to cook your catch.

A fishing license is required. Lake Rotoiti is open to trout fishing between 1st October and 30th June annually - we look forward to seeing you and your catch!

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