Cruising with the locals in Akaroa, it is our pleasure

Today was perfect for a nature cruise on Akaroa Harbour to see the amazing sights including the rare Hector’s dolphins, seals, penguins and sea birds.

It was a great day for a boat trip with Akaroa Dolphins; perfect conditions, no wind and the sea was sparkling flat calm.

We were really looking forward to being out on the water and showing our guests the spectacular sights around Akaroa Harbour.

We had a number of guests from different countries aboard our beautifully appointed vessel Into the Blue for our nature cruise. After introductions all round, we departed the Akaroa main wharf.

Into the Blue accommodates anywhere up to 40 guests so that they can enjoy a more intimate and personal cruise experience around the fascinating Akaroa seascape.

Our visitors were interested to learn that we are long time residents of Banks Peninsula, with our family history dating back to the earliest French and British settlers.

As such, we have extensive knowledge of the area, the fascinating Maori and colonial history as well as the amazing geology of the region and we gain much pleasure from imparting this information about one of the world’s most beautiful places to our guests on board.

Akaroa Harbour is a drowned volcanic crater, called a caldera, and has dramatic rock formations, lava flows and a deeply sculpted coastline.

It is truly our privilege to live and work in Akaroa and to be able to take visitors on a personally guided journey of discovery through millions of years of fascinating history and natural heritage.

Into the Blue is quiet, fast and stable allowing our visitors to view the spectacular sea caves, volcanic formations and high cliffs both within the harbour and beyond the heads around part of the Pacific Ocean coastline.

Guests can use the binoculars and reference books available on board to fully appreciate the natural ecology of the area surrounding them.

As well as its interesting heritage, Akaroa has amazing bird life and sea mammals, and it is this aspect of the cruise that our guests most look forward to.

From the rare Hector’s dolphins, fur seals, blue penguins, marine salmon to a variety of fascinating sea birds, there is so much to look forward to as we cruise quietly along Akaroa Harbour.

On board are our constant companions Murf Murf or Hector, our ‘dolphin dogs’, so called for their ability to sense the dolphins before they can be seen. The children on board are instant friends.

One of the highlights of the cruise is undoubtedly getting up close to the amazing wildlife. The rear-viewing platform of the vessel is close to sea level allowing our guests to get really close to the playful dolphins and the little blue penguins.

Today we also see adult and baby fur seals sunbathing on the rocks, little penguins paddling furiously on the surface.

We will also visit marine salmon and paua pearl farms. The sea birds are fascinating to watch and species include cormorant, black-backed gulls, red-billed gulls, shearwaters, terns, prions, mollymawks, petrels, skuas, oystercatchers, albatross and more.

We enjoy serving our guests complimentary award-winning wine, beer, juice, soft drinks and fresh home baking on board, and they are pleased to hear that a portion of their Akaroa Dolphins cruise price is contributed to scientific research and welfare of Hector’s dolphins.

After two hours on the water, on what has been a perfect day, we return to Akaroa Wharf, happy in the knowledge that we have been able to share this wonderful environment with our guests and give them unforgettable New Zealand memories to take home.

We love the comments we get from guests – words like “very special, memorable, lots of fun, wonderful trip”. We know they will be talking about the playful dolphins, the week old fur seals and the pretty little penguins for years to come.

It is always our pleasure.